Breathe and go with the flow

“Believe me as I say this, I had always wanted to live in Australia. I only knew about the Kangaroos and was keen to explore more. I didn’t have any concrete plan in my mind about the life I am going to lead in Australia, but I was clear I didn’t want to be too stuck in my comfort zone. So when this whole opportunity came once I got done with my University, I felt the moment has arrived. I was ready to find my feet and take on the challenge. I guess it has always felt right and I am happy to have followed the calling, I would have regretted so much. I love living near the beach; the weather is perfect, the job is great, I love my team at work, and I am grateful for everything. Yes, there are days when one can overthink and be homesick thinking about family back home, especially during the global pandemic, but I manage to deal with them with a smile. Maybe because of the people I met here, who’ve become a great source of support. If I am going through a bad day, a simple hug from my best friends makes it better. I know the whole COVID situation can make things challenging, but I would advise everyone to take everything as it comes and don’t plan too much. It’s never going to work out the way you want it to work. Breathe and go with the flow. Regardless of where you are at the moment, you are ultimately the key to your success. I reckon it’s the right attitude to have for Australia.”