Kindness touched my heart

“My dad happened to come to Australia on a business trip and he really loved the vibes of this country. He decided to send me over to study. At that time I was only 18-year old. I had no idea what this country was about and was grasping all new things. It was also my first time outside China. One day I was out on the street, wondering where to go. My English was not so great and it was a new place full of strangers. People who looked at me could figure out that I was in a state of fear and dilemma. Someone stopped by and asked a question to another person on my behalf and guided me the way. Their small act of kindness touched my heart and I realised this is where I want to live my life. Of course, I am not saying it has been a shiny ride but the lessons were instrumental to my growth. I was not a great student at the University and would often fail in many subjects. However, I had the determination to get something done and I had the support of my friends who stopped asking me to go out for dinners so that I could prepare well for my exams and would often bring the takeaways at home for me. I did put in a lot of efforts in myself and things started falling into the right place. I appreciate how people love to support each other in Australia. The number of people coming out on Australia Day depicts how much they love their country! And that’s what I admire the most- celebration and togetherness. If you fall down on the street, people will come looking after you. If there are doctors around, they will come and check you. If there are nurses around, they will help you and they will give you the first-aid. There’s always someone to offer you help, you just need to ask. The day I received my citizenship felt like a heroic moment! Though my Australian journey was chosen by my parents but if I were to decide again, Australia will still be the place I set my heart on.”