Joy of the first salary

“It was never a dream to settle abroad, but somewhere around 2015, my husband & I thought to visit my sister who was living in Sydney. We were here for just three weeks, but we got an immediate liking to this country. It had a certain enigma, and it felt so attractive. We decided to ditch our stable jobs and lifestyle; planned for relocation as we could see a promising future here. We were in the mid-30s, so we had some serious concerns. We carefully weighed all the pros and cons. Convinced that we could- we did! Initially, it was rough, and we worried much. More than the physical challenge, it became a mental challenge to deal with the odds we signed up for. At the same time, God was kind enough; there was never a moment where we could question, are we going to survive the next day or next week? We tried our luck, struck new friendships, looked out for jobs where people were more than happy to help. Every person we met was full of positivity which further supplied an added energy to go through. Our adventure is not very old; still, when we look back, we feel nothing but blessed. Together we have seen all the highs and lows, embraced the changes and loved each other a little more. The day we received our first salaries still holds a special place in our hearts. We ended up splurging more than 50%, but what is life without these small celebratory moments?”