Be the change

“Packing bags and relocating to a different country seems easy, but the real challenge begins when one has to unpack those same bags and make the new country his new ‘home’. I moved to Australia at an age when I was completely naïve about the whole thing. The transition also happened pretty quick, as I received my visa three days before arriving in Perth. It hardly left me with any time to scout an apartment for rent, so I stayed with my sister who at that time was living in a one-bedroom arrangement. I slept on the floor for a week but was glad to have a roof on my head. It isn’t an easy game to find an apt place to yourself whenever you want. That also makes you appreciative for every little thing you come across. Like many others, I was here in search of a better life, and it started with me joining a uni. For the first three days, the struggle was to find the right Buses that lead to my uni. Google Maps were not a thing back then, and one had to manage hard in locating the places and transport facilities around it. I admire the multicultural fashion this country offers to each one of us. However, one thing I didn’t realise on time was the importance of networking. One must work on immersing himself in the culture, participating in more activities together, building new relationships and more. I used to come straight home after uni, and play video games which were also my way of dealing with itsy-bitsy curveballs I was facing in a new environment. My sister, on the other hand, joined college societies and would often socialise with different groups. I could see the difference in how it evolved her and helped in career growth. I received my residency after Eight long years. The assurance of never being asked to leave the country is so gratifying. It makes you work harder to reap all the fruits later. Recently, I decided to quit my long-time job to experience something new again. I may not know how good or bad the new adventures could turn out to be. But my relocation to Australia has made me learn so much about myself- that working on yourself & being happy first is where you have to lay all the focus on, to become successful in life. I am doing just that.”