An exotic adventure

“While growing up, I had made some significant sacrifices to study and achieve a good education. I had always believed in my skills. I knew I could make something substantial out of my life and create moments I could feel proud of later on. In my view, it is essential to paint some dreams for yourself when you’re young, and then try fulfilling all of them. Luck doesn’t come to those who wait for it! I was so ready to take on whatever was coming my way to make a successful career. Quite naturally, when I learned about this wonderful work opportunity that allowed me to be a part of Australia- I left everything I knew and bid farewell to my old self. What has life been like since? Nothing less than an exotic adventure! For the first five months, I worked every day so hard! I allotted most of my time to work, which also helped me in not overthinking about anything and blend in with the new surroundings organically. I came with a decent knowledge of English, and sometimes it scared me how complicated the accent was. With the support of some great workmates, I could integrate well. Australia has given me so many experiences I wouldn’t have gained otherwise. I have found my boy too, and he’s the sweetest thing to happen to me! It’s been my second trip to this country, and I just know I belong here. There’s an unspoken love between Melbourne and me. The weather is moody but let’s talk about the vibes of the city- it’s where all our hearts lie.”