All looked uncertain at first

“Six years back, I decided to take charge of my life as a single mother and moved to Australia. My boy was just four-year-old whom I had to leave back home because I wanted to provide a stable and secure environment for him to be able to make a smooth transition. He was too young to understand what was happening around him and why. Had it not been for my wonderful parents who looked after my son with the utmost care and love, I wouldn’t have managed to take the plunge. I weathered the death of my marriage and came here alone to start life afresh, leaving behind familiarity. Initially, I was a bit sceptical about moving because I kept hearing all sort of reptiles stories, but in the second thought I decided to go and watch out for my own ‘lizard story’. Everything looked uncertain and scary at first. Right from finding some voices to interact with, a safe apartment to live in, to secure a stable job- all looked hard. On top of it, I was a vegetarian who could only eat a particular kind of food. For the very first time, I was away from my son, and that made the entire process emotionally heavier. Some days I would ask myself if I have made the right decision, whether or not I should get back. There were many breakdown moments after which I resolved to give all of me and see where it takes. I have always been a fighter, and this time too I reminded myself that I could do it and I must! For my son, for a better us! I took some certificate courses and managed to work simultaneously. The day my son arrived with a one-way ticket to Australia will always remain extra special. It felt like a personal victory and gave wings to new dreams. Just recently, we received our citizenship, which felt amazing. The fact that I could discover opportunities, chase my passion and find myself again made me look at life from a new perspective. I wouldn’t change a thing about my international journey. It made me the person I am today- bold and successful. I may have received my share of failures, but when I look back at them, I realise they were so important. The world is full of infinite possibilities. You just have to go for it. It may get tough, but eventually, it all gets better.”