Better days are ahead of you

“People usually like to plan and prepare in advance when they decide to move overseas, but for me, everything happened in a very short period- leaving with a little time to prepare enough. I had just received my scholarship, and I was right there. I remember those unsettled days. Everything I knew or grew up along was changed in a heartbeat. Initially, I was afraid of talking to people here just because the accent was so strong, and I was still in the process of getting used to it. On the first day of Uni, I was sitting with a group of girls, who were conversing in a never-heard-before accent. It felt quite overwhelming. The good part was that I could dive into some fantastic food and distract myself from the new set-up whenever needed. I took my education seriously and knew that I would have to work hard if I wished to be a part of the Australian job market. I studied hard; I put myself out there; I never gave up. I like Australia for being this multicultural space that it is. One can find people from literally all over the world. I have always been a dog-lover. I wanted to get one for myself since forever. My partner and I decided not to have it until we settle down thoroughly. I didn’t want to take the dog on a long international flight if at all I had to go back to my home country. It is such torture for them. The day we secured the PR, we decided to welcome our poochie-Max. From where I see it now, the move might have looked scary at first, but it has been a rewarding ride. This place has given me a stable career, a beautiful house, a loving partner and a four-legged fur who altogether make me feel grateful. The fact that you get so worn down for the first few months after the move also acts as a secret angel on your way to become stronger and make a better you. Just hang in there and better days are ahead of you. I may not fully understand the local culture. Still, I try to welcome the differences around me and look forward to the new friendships I make, appreciating the life I have created for myself in the city I now call my home.”