The key to blend is patience

“I moved to Australia with my family, which felt like an opportunity of a lifetime. We took this giant leap as we thought this place was full of exciting possibilities for each one of us! I knew Australia would be great for us as a family, but I’m blown away by how much better it is than what we were expecting. I like the very fact of how this place is so accepting of other cultures, and there’s a room for everyone. My fondest memories in Down Under include my Maths teacher from school. A person of extreme kindness- he made this significant impact on my family, has covered a long way with us, and even became a friend for life. I remember being this brand new student in my Australian school who was a little scared and confused. My teacher introduced me to the whole class in a very humble manner and ensured that I grew comfortable in the new environment at the earliest- something I really needed at the time. He was always fascinated to learn about our Armenian culture, which felt like the sweetest thing anyone could offer. He would also take us to the beautiful regional suburbs, tell us stories about Australia from his time and introduce to the basic Australian culture. It is incredible to see how this country is not just limited to Opera House, Harbour Bridge or the blue-green beaches. It is much beyond that. One of my dreams is to go through the whole of Australia because it’s so big and diverse. Each city here offers its charming beauty, and you get entirely stuck through it. The key to blending is to keep patience and expect that everything might not run to the routine you’re used to, but that’s precisely the whole point.”