We have the power to rise above our problems

“My boyfriend and I were in a long-distance relationship for one and a half years, and it was turning great. The next thing I knew, I was moving to Australia from Brazil. We had so much in common, and the distance acted as a catalyst in strengthening our bond. I arrived on a tourist visa which restricted my work rights. 

I have great respect for those who’ve taken the plunge and put their careers on hold or said bye to their families for their partner. It takes strength to jump in an unknown. I had never taken any English classes in my life. Netflix series and some online games have been my only exposure to the language. As a new migrant, I realised how different is the accent; for the first few months, I couldn’t understand what people were trying to tell me and the loud music at the bars only added the pressure. I also had to tone down my expression of emotion, which got me thinking I am not true to myself. Since I was neither working nor studying, I had blocked pretty much my ways towards forging new connections. It grew tiring, and my virtual relationship with friends back in Brazil was the only thing that helped me juggle through it. I also found weekly rents so confusing; shouldn’t it be a monthly thing?

I soon applied for a different visa and gained my work rights which opened a diverse spectrum. I was working nearly 18 hours a day before I moved Down Under, and I could barely cover my bills, but in Australia, you don’t just work to pay those pills; you live your life as well. You meet a balance. I could go on these adventurous camps in the middle of nature and wildlife, and feel so alive. In 2019, I got involved with a non-profit organisation supporting the families and communities affected by the bushfires. So much was at stake for those families, and we worked together to help them get back on their feet.

You think your problems are gigantic, but it’s not! Life will undoubtedly feel hard on some days, but we need to remember we have the power to rise above them. Don’t let your life run on autopilot- take hold of it. The options are endless.”

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