The excitement of starting a new life

“When I moved to Australia eight years ago, I only thought I was going on a great adventure, grasping hand at the English language. I was passionate to learn it. I had toyed with the idea of living outside Brazil and considered moving to the US/Canada at first, but it never materialised. While researching, I discovered Australia could be another great option, and I was amazed to find how transparent the whole process was. Everything was accessible on the official government website. You could handle the paperwork yourself. I was lucky that the timing of my move worked out. 

The first few days of my arrival only involved meeting random strangers with smiling faces. Everyone enjoyed putting up a joyful mood. I did lock some curious stares too since I used to speak broken English at the time. And the accent around felt no less than being dumped in the cold water. I was trying to get better at it, but the communication in the initial days was hard. Thanks to the excitement of starting a new life, I could wash off the inconvenience of change and stay focused on what could be the defining moment of my life- an opportunity to explore, grow and succeed. 

Picture this: you leave the house every morning in the city of your dreams, living the life you always wanted, giving your best shot at work, channelising your energies outside work activities and ticking off the bucket list. It either sounds like a Netflix show or some fantasy but trust me- it happened. I fell in love with my job, where I constantly worked towards my goal and saw all the hard work paying off. The whole scenario gradually inclined to make a home permanently. Luckily, my company saw the potential, recognised my efforts, and decided to sponsor the residency. 

While the professional space was kicking in well, my personal front was simultaneously taking its beautiful course too. I met my wife, and our proposal was one of a kind. It happened at a beautiful spot at Shelly Beach, where one could overlook the entire beach and the ocean. Today, we’re living our happily ever after moments with our two kids.

While it was a conscious decision to move, still it looks like destiny had a hand in landing me Down Under. I have learned and accomplished more than I could have ever imagined, and it wouldn’t be without every moment spent abroad.”