God’s timing is never wrong

“I was very little when my parents decided to change the scenery and relocated to England. They thought it would be a temporary one-year adventure, but I grew up there until I was seventeen years old. 

It was during the last year of high school when we arrived back in Australia. Those were also the indecisive teen years to figure out where I stood in the world. My early memories include gulping down lunches in a bathroom because all the friendship groups were already taken. I had to allow my emotions to be what they were because it was hard switching from one time zone to another. 

For most of my life, I loved the art of storytelling. I loved documenting all kinds of days inside the pages of a diary. I planned on being a storyteller after completing graduation, but it would not fetch a sustainable income. Instead, I switched to the jobs I hated. I worked in the service sector to save enough and make storytelling my full-time profession one day. My last job was that of a waitress. I was honestly bad at it, which made me lose the job. But instead of feeling bad or guilty, it felt like a release of moving onto my next step. It was a real pivoting point for me.

I started journaling every day to gather how I am feeling and where am I at that moment. Randomly, I started sharing my routine on Instagram. My only intent was to capture my personal experiences and insights in writing. But I gained a few followership who wanted to become a part of this magical journey. One thing led to another, and I came up with the idea of a creative journaling course. Donning the hat of a creativity coach, I have four books on my account today. Over a year ago, my husband, who’s also a fellow author, joined me in producing a podcast for enriching the creative souls, called Unpublished. Each day we remind ourselves and other creators that the world needs our craft; it deserves to be written. Take that first step today. 

It’s crazy how you don’t see your calling when things go awry, but it starts making sense when you look back. Everything that you go through is meant to happen. Consider migration as a beautiful time to know yourself, without the external vision of who people think you are. You’ve just got to be gentle with yourself, carry a deep trust that this is intentional because God has set a perfect timing.”