Battling Homesickness

“It was a no-brainer that I would travel Down Under at one stage since knew some people here. My sister was living in Australia along with some other friends. I thought I would try my luck out. I finished my university, grabbed some work experience before the move. I came on a working holiday visa because I wanted to explore and ensure that I would like the new arrangement. Guess I relished it pretty much to stay on for 9-years (chuckles).

Despite the best planning, my Aussie journey came with its fair share of obstacles. The year I moved to Australia was when the Global Financial Crisis had caused a massive wreck. Banks crashed, and the country was juggling through an economic downfall. If it felt exciting to take a big leap, it was also scarier to not know how you’re going to end up. I had to hunt for a lot of jobs before finding the first break. Once I had the job, I tried immersing myself into the work, but the homesickness kept creeping in. It made the road to settling in more strenuous. Although I had a sister here, I grew up in a big family of six brothers and sisters. Not seeing them around was hard. Social media helped only on some days, but mostly it didn’t. It took me some time to get used to the feeling. I got reminded of what I was missing out on- something I didn’t bother when I decided to move. 

I chose Australia because I felt this was an English-speaking country like Ireland, and there might be a similar cultural set up that could help me blend in. Though it was different, still this country comes out as a winner. The weather alone makes a great difference. It encourages you to stay outdoors, meet people from different backgrounds and enjoy a slice of life. The Australian beaches are so gorgeous; the shoreline seems to reach out into eternity. Watching sunrise and sunset are one of the highlights of my time in Australia.

I have learned that homesickness can and will affect you on your lowest days by moving overseas. If creating a new life abroad is the best thing you’ve ever done, it still doesn’t mean you can’t have that aching for your home country inside you. Learn to accept it for good. Don’t expect everything to be better automatically. Giving yourself some time can be novel for the long term. Try it.”