Adding new dimensions to career

“Until February 2019, I was working as a Marketing Manager in one of the reputed hotels in Nepal, but I felt the time had come to add new dimensions to my career. I am one of those who is constantly looking for new ways to learn and evolve in life. I had seen people giving much priority to an international degree and to those who travel overseas. I thought I should give it a shot too. I started exploring my overseas options, and Australia felt to be the most suitable country for migration. The weather was good, the academic courses here are very renowned, plus it had more job opportunities to offer. 
I was prepared with what was to come. To do whatever it takes to find a job. Whether it offered a lower pay or if it was an entry-level position were all secondary. My focus was to get into the Australian job market first. My resume made me look overqualified in the roles I applied for, and that led to many rejections. I kept convincing myself that things will get better, and I should search harder. One day, I went to get my phone’s SIM card in one of the stores which were owned by a Nepalese guy. I had a friend along, and we were having a conversation. I didn’t notice that the store manager was observing us. He came over and started asking how long I have been staying in Australia? I told him it’d been just a few weeks, and he was like, ‘Oh, you seem pretty confident! Are you looking for a job? You could work here.’ That’s how I started from his store. I was underpaid, but I learned the new system and could set my base into a foreign country. I remember saying sorry at least 20 times a day when I couldn’t understand the customer’s accent. I used to get nervous, but that’s how I eventually revived my strength. 
I soon switched to a different company where I work today. I was so excited to find my voice here. I got awarded with the most passionate employee trophy within the third month of my joining, and I was the star seller. It felt golden. 
Things get rocky when you move internationally, taking care of all the expenses on your own. But I’d like to tell all the migrants that you decided to relocate for a reason, so stick to it and do not settle for less. Learn to remain unfazed by setbacks and reach out for more challenging opportunities. It will all be worth it.”