Bounce back and thrive

“If you go back to the era of the ’90s, everybody wanted to move abroad for a better quality of life, job and opportunities. My dad coming from an engineering background and mom being a psychologist had the same urge, and we arrived in Australia in 1993. The process used to be more straightforward. I was 11 years old and had finished the eighth grade. My dad came here a year before us, to ensure everything feels settled before we join him. 

As a kid, my challenge was to get used to the lingos. My knowledge had been confined to my home country, so I could feel the change when I joined a new school in this new country. Kids around me knew different things that I wasn’t even aware of. It took me a year and a half to catch hold of my ship and realise that I am actually here. The love of my family sustained me, and it started getting better after a while. 

I met my husband and moved to America for a few years, but I felt my heart still belonged to Australia. We decided to come back along with our two kids. I was still on my post-pregnancy weight (which was around 85-89kgs), and I told myself, ‘this isn’t the real you’, and I need to bounce back, focus all the energies on my health. I dramatically challenged myself with a good diet, workout regime and lost those extra kilos (I am 59kgs now). Losing weight taught me how to value my mind and body altogether. 

My life started turning for good post the transformation and I enrolled myself into some beauty pageants. I became Mrs India Australia – 1st runner up in 2016 and then went on to win Mrs India Global 2018. It felt great to represent these two countries that have defined me into who I am. I kept building momentum and had plenty of professional opportunities which includes attending the Cannes Film Festival. My husband and I had the honour to represent Team India on the Australian cooking show- ‘Plate of Origin’ where we could celebrate our heritage dishes with the rest of the world. 

My journey of being an actor, influencer, model, chef, and a fitness enthusiast has been so fulfilling. I want to encourage many other lives and make them believe in the power of manifestation. If there’s something, you truly believe you can do then nothing can stop you!”

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