Moving for love

“Love makes you do unimaginable things-like relocating to Melbourne. I met my boy in Mexico in 2017. We were just friends then, but we liked each other and wanted to know more about one another. He was settled in Australia. We texted for a year and were getting serious. Next, I knew, he asked me to move to Australia with him. I was 23-year-old and had just started to work. I wasn’t sure how I was going to quit my job and brace myself for the significant change. I had probably thought about moving overseas at some point in life before, but Australia never really crossed my mind since it was very far from my home country. At the time my boyfriend suggested the move, I wasn’t quite sure if I should risk my career for a relationship which was still so new and looked uncertain. I decided to leave everything on destiny and God. To a third person, it may look like a crazy idea, but I knew this guy was different. So, I packed my bags and arrived in September 2018!

My boyfriend became my big anchor, and we grew very attached in such a short time. I would admit I felt lucky to adjust to an unfamiliar domain because I had him. On the days I felt homesick, he would take me out to a Mexican restaurant, and treat me with a delicious meal. He knows when to be a family and when to be a friend. Can you imagine how dreamy life gets if you get a partner like that?

I was also very fascinated by the people I met here. Every café opens with a vibrant smile! They greet you with a warm hello, ask you how your day went and count you a part of them! I came here with no friends, but I could make some without much effort, which felt good. The only problem was getting a hang at that strong, intimidating accent. I thought I knew enough English before coming in, but it hit me how there’s still so much left to adapt. I believe if you’ve got that part covered, everything becomes better. 

Today I am in the city I needed to be in with the man that I know I want to spend the rest of my life with. I wish I had known how amazing my relationship would turn out to be so that I would’ve come on a different visa. Life is good, so is love!”