Don’t be afraid to start over

“There’s a saying ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’. This is exactly how one should brace up for their big overseas move. During our dating days, my husband and I used to chalk out our plans, and we both wished to settle somewhere outside India. My husband was already in Australia, and it was also the place where I had part of my extended family, so it became an obvious first choice. We were in a long-distance relationship that soon progressed into a long-distance marriage. 

Work was always a big presence in my life. I knew I must continue having a career spirit in Australia as well. Since I had a little time in hand before the move, I researched and figured out the areas where I could be a good fit. I wanted to get into Tech Recruitment which felt like a place to grow in Australia. I first aimed at understanding the culture of this country, their needs and requirements. I tried aligning my CV in accordance with the new culture. I attended all the interviews, whether big or small, which helped develop my understanding of the job market. I wasn’t expecting to start from the managerial level itself, which I was working at in my previous role back home. I was in check with the ground reality and was open to starting my career afresh. I would attribute that attitude to grabbing my first job within 12 days of landing. I remember giving my husband the biggest hug on receiving my first employment contract in Australia. I recently received my very own Australian driver’s license, which I’d also rank at the upper end of the success spectrum. I had never really driven a car before, so to practically grasp the merging onto a freeway without having a nervous breakdown would term pretty high up in the life achievement rankings.

We come protected from the safety nest of our family, but this change of place forces you to take charge of your life. As a Tech recruiter, I receive many job applications for the same position a candidate may have been working at previously in their home country. My advice to them is not to get afraid to start from scratch. It’s a journey to help enrich your life. Embrace them with a warm smile and a positive attitude. Do your research, get involved in some helpful networking, and just enjoy this freedom that Australia can provide you.”