A life-changing experience

“It’s easy to drift along in a comfortable rut when you are in a familiar setting, but moving to a foreign country alone is an opportunity to push yourself out of your comfort zone, a life-changing experience that I wanted for myself. As a young girl, I knew that I wanted to explore life Down Under one day. I got exposed to its fabulous way of living by some close relatives who’d visit us every five years from Australia. My parents came here on their honeymoon, and we always had these cute Aussie souvenirs at home. The tablecloth we had for breakfast used to be a collage consisting of some colourful Australian cities and animals. I was keen to have an Aussie experience, and it took me two years to convert that thought into action. The memory of carrying three heavy suitcases at the airport is still so fresh in my mind. I was a little scared to live on my own. But on the other hand, I was too excited to stop and worry about how to handle the changes if the going got tough. From the very minute of my arrival, I knew I had to shut down my Italian to get a better grip at the Australian slang. I was about to start working in a week, and I knew I could have a hard time communicating if I don’t get the right hang. From scouting the driving challenges in this big city to finding an apt apartment and making new friends; I was in complete control of how I set up the new life. I loved that road of self-discovery. If I could time-travel, I would probably fix the timing. I wish I had taken the leap a little early, blend in more with the people of a different culture, learning how to let go of defeated expectations and enjoying what I can while I have it.”